DCSIL works with university sourced applied research teams that develop advanced technology and have deep subject matter expertise. Teams of this caliber gain access to a unique commercialization process offered only by DCSIL.


Applied researchers from Canadian and international universities seeking affiliation are eligible for consideration provided that they have verifiable researched technology and deep subject matter expertise that can be applied to solve major industry-defined issues. The founders of startups associating with DCSIL are primarily university faculty, postdoctoral researchers, PhD candidates, Masters students, and industry veterans looking to commercialize startup ventures coming from applied research work. Many of these teams have received years of public research grants to develop intellectual property that is patented or pending. Teams from beyond U of T with similar characteristics are also encouraged to apply.


With these fundamentals, DCSIL immediately executes to place these advanced teams into industry paid pilot projects for further validation, co-development, commercialization, team scaling and public/private funding.


In particular, DCSIL facilitates early-stage team development, connecting each startup with an extensive network of experts, early adopters, and customers. DCSIL curates the entire pilot program process, working with the startup in an industry validating and derisking environment.


This commitment from industry during these projects includes but is not limited to:

  • Access to their key personnel (business unit stakeholders, research, legal and executive management)

  • Access to complete datasets, which forces NDAs approved at an executive level + legal counsel

  • Office spaces at the customer site(s) — justified to enable the two items previously mentioned

  • Any necessary hardware and software, including infrastructure access

  • Covering all salaries that the startup venture will need to round out its team

  • All intellectual property remains that of the startup

  • Contractually defined and mutually agreed to, verifiable milestones that culminate in a referenceable and paying customer


This creates the perfect setting to introduce private venture capital funding that can watch your startup work through the commercialization process in real time and with a real customer to give you the funding and mentorship that you need to scale your operation.


We can make this happen for the right teams because of our extensive industry network, deal making know-how, and DCSIL’s brand recognition.

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